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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Thesis Concept Paper (Part 2)

And so..

Four (4) months after...

I still don't have an approved concept paper -__-

But there is still light at the end of the thesis.

Tomorrow I will submit my 4th concept paper and I am confident on this one!

I also realized I should be changing my gmail emails now to a non-dlsu account because our e-mail will be deleted soon and I will be in deep trouble because I think I used my blog and twitter with

Sigh.. where did the time go?


I miss my academic virtual life... BUT I'M BACK and I'm seriously back.

Won't let life get in the way again.. balance is the key.

On a side note... I am sadly not working on MOOC research as my thesis now. Lol the irony... about 11 months ago I got the light bulb idea on using Mooc as my thesis... My new thesis will be working on students benefiting from student financial aid... since.. well.. that is my calling right now due to the nature of my work as a scholarships coordinator.

But I will do research on moocs one day... after my M.A. :)

So yeah, I will still keep my twitter account and blog account.

Besides, I've made so many great academic virtual international friends on here.

One step at a time... the light at the end of the Thesis.

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