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My iBooks Collection
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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Work-Life Balance, what's that?


April is almost over and my last blog post was February 2014.

What happened to my march?

I didn't even post my comprehensive exam grade yet.

And it's one of my greatest accomplishments that I should be proud of.

3.91 out of 4.00!!!!

When I saw it I thought life can be over...

Okay exaggeration because after comprehensive exam I was occupied with my new job as the coordinator for internally-funded scholarships of my University.

Work has been so far awesome. Actually, life has been.

But I should not forget my masters.

So here I am ..

Blogging again..

Because I have to go back to my main priority in life.

My Masters.


Let's get back to the wagon.

Let's do this, Toni!

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