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My iBooks Collection
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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Fete Dela Musique

Today I had lunch with my friends and went to Fete Dela Musique. 

Tiring day. I will miss my friends because I will not see them in another 2 months.

I'm going to CANADA/US again.

Finished packing my check-in.

So excited!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Leaving in 7 days..

The most awaited trip is finally arriving. I've been wanting to go to Canada since 2008, when I graduated from college.

As usual.. travelling alone gives me anxiety. Actually, it's the airport transfers. If only we can just teleport.

But I have to do this. I need to keep doing this. Because this is a way for me to shake it up and step out of my comfort zone.

Anxiety + Excitement. This is my mixed feelings.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Thoughts early in the morning.

My friends and I are going out of town for the day. I woke up at 2:30 am and went to my friend's house to meet up. It's now 4:30 am and I want to sleep but I cannot any more. So many thoughts running in my mind. I don't want them there.

Mis amigas y yo voy a fuera la ciudad.
Me despierto son las dos y media en la madrugada y voy a la casa de mi amiga para encontrarse. Ahorita son las cuatro y media y quiero sueño pero no puedo mas. Muchas cosas corren en el mente. No me gusto alla. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Academic Writing

I'm looking for Freelance writing jobs and if it's not SEO related articles, it's Academic work. 

Academic work? *raises hand* That's me! That's me! I can do that very well!

I've been "shortlisted" and offered to proceed to the next stage. I need to fill up this long application form, provide my government ID and even a picture of my diploma to give proof for my highest academic attainment.

When I came across the part of having to provide my diploma, it got me thinking two things: 1) oh! Good thing I have my masters diploma with me. 2) Do I really want to do this?

The reason that's stopping me right now despite the "easy" money, is because I perfectly know what this "academic writing" is all about. 

This isn't about sharing your knowledge. 

This is about doing the work of some lazy student out there who can afford to pay somebody else to do the work for him/her.

This is "academic writing" in literal translation "school work". 

I am an educator. 

I'm sure that prohibiting myself to join will not help in "taking down" this kind of  "business model". It's been there for ages and the reason that it is surviving is because a lot of people purchase these kind of services. And the reason why these services exist is because a lot of people are willing to offer their services for the money.

I am an educator. And out of principle, do I really want to constribute to this system?

Do I want my students to pay somebody else for the work? 

People might look at this as capitalism. The rich can afford it and the poor need it. Maybe it works for occupations. 

But school work ?!?!

Isn't the whole point of doing your own school work is to "enhance" your own brain and improve your own knowledge. 

I saw the different "tasks" with corresponding deadlines. They pay really good. But what disturbed me more was the different type of academic writing levels. There's highschool, college, masters and PHD. I understand lazy students in highschool and college but MASTERS AND PHD??? 

Why would you even go back to school if you want to avoid academic work!!!!

One may never fully understand human decisions. 

But one thing for sure.

I think I will have to turn down the Academic Writing opportunity even if I know I'll nail it. Just out of principle, I don't want to do homeworks of other people. 

In a bigger picture, this is probably the dilemma of a lot of people. Taking jobs because they need it but they don't agree with the industry or the business' mode of making money.

I guess I have to be the bigger person. And not let money decide for me but decide on my own. I have a choice.

I will just probably have to improve my skills in writing SEO Articles. I'm not a marketing major but I have marketing experiences. This is the path I'll choose. 

Freelance Jobs: More Money More Problems

I've been obsessed lately about finding more freelance jobs. I currently have one already and it involves managing the digital marketing and presence of a lawyer's services. 

But for some reason, I still want to do more. I still want to earn more. I still have a lot of free time.

Though you know how the saying goes, more money more problems?

The reason why I want extra money is because I feel guilty whenever I splurge. Although most of this "splurging" goes to food and transportation, two things you cannot completely avoid, I still feel guilty because I know I could have chosen a "cheaper" option. (Walking instead of taking Uber, Drinking water instead of buying shake).

But it's hard. So I just want to earn more money so I can allow myself to treat myself with such things. Though I also don't want to get used to a lifestyle change so I have to be careful of that too. 

Well, I spent a lot on travelling. That's one thing I know for sure that I do. The extra money I get from my freelance jobs is set aside for my travel budget. 

Maybe that's why I'm obsessed to get more freelance jobs.


Sunday, May 28, 2017

Bitcoin Hype: Gambling? Investment? Or Future?

So I've finally jumped the bandwagon in the Bitcoin "hype" that I've been seeing around since last year.

I've read articles about this "virtual" money aka CryptoCurrency and I've "preached" it to friends who had differing opinion. 

But what is it really? Some call it investment but some of my "real investor" friends call it playing with money aka gambling. But some say that it's a disruptive technology experiment that aims to replace digital currency. 

It is definitely disruptive alright and which is why we have differing opinions. We all know how disruptive technology can change the game we all play called life. Some take it with high skepticism some take it with high enthusiasm. I'm still playing in the middle. 

But I somewhat agree to what this paypal board member said: it's a big mistake to buy more bitcoins you can't afford, but it's also a big mistake not to buy one.

I truly believe in the "future" and I guess yeah, you do call this a high risk investment or yeah you may call it a gamble. I know it may be a hype now but I also know that at the rate things are going within probably the next year, this "Bitcoin" will increase value due to its popularity. More and more people will jump in the bandwagon then might as well join the ride. 

Although I rarely join bandwagons... In fact, my friends know I'm one of those who completely avoid purchasing something I know that is a hype. I don't like being in bandwagons as with everybody else.. But why is this an exemption?

SURE you may call it gambling.

But one thing's for sure is that this is a teaching opportunity to understand the Law of supply and demand in action.

I myself is still trying to learn it. It's easy to understand the principles but the "art of patience" is so hard to apply.

Result? I end up buying bitcoins during its high price rate and selling bitcoins during low price rate. Ugh!! It's a good thing I only placed $20. 

Initially I placed $10. But then, I totally forgot I added another $10 so all this time I was losing money "trading". Ugh. 

Moving forward I gave my nephew a $1 and told him to "grow" it and explained to him the law of supply and demand. 

This is unfortunate for me that I'm only learning the art of patience right now but I'm trying to look at this as a good opportunity to "train" my nephew about "investments" and "trading" that I wish I had learned too when I was young.

That feeling of losing money. Ouch. But it happens and we learn from it. It's a good thing I only placed a small amount (though $20 is already huge). I meant by small amount is that I'm only playing with $20 instead of hundreds of dollars or thousand like other risk takers like me are doing. 

So is this a gamble, maybe.. Sure. But I'm hoping my nephew learns something from it. I told him I'm going to give him $5 and he needs to grow it to $10. And when he does it successfully he needs to return me the $5. He was disappointed lol but I told him "Well that's how loan works." 

Maybe I'll lose $20 right now. But hopefully the experience that I'm teaching my nephew would help save him from losing more than $20 in the future. Unlike me, who is almost 30 years old and making obvious dumb financial decisions. 

This all too well feels like booking UBER Rides. You gotta know the peak hours and don't book if the surge is high! 


P.S. As long as I get my $20 back I'll be happy. Huhu. But I think I'll have to wait for a couple of months before that happens. In the mean time, I'll just enjoy the buy and sell "game" at the moment. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I donated my blood today.

It's my first time to donate blood. It was really scary and yeah, the big ass needle hurt but I guess I'm saving somebody else's life. 

Doctors/Nurses have always told me that I have really small veins and it's always hard to draw blood which makes the situation even worst because I tend to panic. But I survived and I feel great!

On another note, it was also another opportunity to confirm that I'm healthy!


Sunday, May 7, 2017

Trying to build a house for Steve...

I work for a company that teaches students various types of computer literacy and technology skills from kinder to grade 12.

I thought I should take advantage of the learnings I can get from studying our educational materials such as app development, 3D printing, robotics, animation, web design...

This would mean investing a lot of time, I know. But heck... learning a new skills always isn't a waste of time is it not?

The first lesson I chose was 3D Design using the Sketch Up Software.

It took me a couple of hours but I was able to create something!

This is my attempt to make a house for Steve! XD

I guess it ain't bad for first day of trying out SketchUp. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Teaching myself the Spanish Language

How Do I Learn Languages On My Own?

Como aprendo idiomas por mi solo?

Viendo Reina de Corazones: Tengo a ver el mismo episodio tres veces. Primer en español, despues en ingles, y finalmente en español de nuevo. 🗣

Aprendiendo otra idiomas es divertido.

Puedo escribir, leer, y ver películas en español después casi un año.

Yo estoy muy bien. XD

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Los Ultimos De Filipinas una pelicula producción de España.

Acabo de final viendo la película de España sobre asedio en Baler por los últimos soldados españoles en las Filipinas. 

Inicialmente, estaba buscando una película en español para practicar mi español. Pero buscando este mejor película porque esta sobre historia de Filipinas en los ojos por España. 

Me mucho gusto este película. Es dos horas de duración pero estaba mucho aprendo sobre idioma español y historia de Filipinas. 

Parece que la película es como historias que libros Filipinos y peliculas Filipinos dicen. Pero leo que algunos personas españoles no gustan la pelicula porque esta insulto la historia de Espana. Algunos Españoles no creen que héroes hacen mal cosas durante la colonization.

Pero esta historia es verdad, no? Los soldados estaban asedio en Baler por casi un año. Estan no creen que españa perdido las filipinas con los americanos.

Nos aprendemos los lecciones de pasado. 

The movie was a very nice movie. I know that there are patriots from both in Spain and here in the Philippines that think that the movie is a hyperbole or a depiction to manipulate or insult the past, but there's always two sides of every story. And for every story you will always figure out which ones stay the same and consistent. 

As for my Spanish listening skills, I will continue to watch movies in Spanish. I would probably watch this movie again and rather than focusing on the story, I would now focus on the words. 

Reading and writing in Spanish and hopefully it becomes natural for me. 

I really love watching movies that are based from true stories and at the same time allows me to research about that particular story and find out more about it online. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Finalmente he terminado el curso principiante.

Here's my beginner 6 certificate in Spanish thanks to Babbel+.

I know I need to go through courses 1-6 again but más o menos lo sé más sobre español ahora.

Lo sé necesito repetir curso uno a seis para revisar.

Keep learning... Keep practicing...


Here I am again with my travel jitters as if it's my first time to fly alone. 

It's not. So. I don't know why I'm so nervous!


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

IELTS Practice Questions (SPEAKING PART)

What do you do after work?
Do you prefer comfortable or good-looking shoes?
Do people own too many shoes?

Describe an enjoyable day spent in the countryside (You can use the sample answers below for the topic: “Describe an unforgettable experience you have had”.)

You should say:
When and where you went
Who you went with
What you did there
And explain why you think it was enjoyable
Do you think it is better to live in the countryside or in the city?
What are some of the challenges facing towns and cities?
What are the advantages of living in the countryside?
Do you think that people should have permission to build houses in the countryside?
  1. Where do you live?
  2. What do you like about your living area?
  3. How is the transportation there like?
  4. What kind of transportation is popular where you live?
  5. When you were a child, which activity you like best between painting and drawing? Why?
  6. Do you think children nowadays love painting or drawing? Why?
Describe a positive change in your life.
– What the change was about?
– When it happened?
– Why did the change happen?
– How did you feel your change in this time?
Follow up question: What changes do you want to make in your life?
  1. Do you think your country will be changed in the future? Why?
  1. Does technology make people change? Why?
– What is your full name?
– Can I see your ID?
– Where are you from?
– Do you work or study?

What do you do?
Do you enjoy your work?
Can you tell me something exciting about your town?
What do you like (most) about your hometown?

Talk about a science subject that you studied and liked.  
You should say:
– What is it?
– Why did you choose it?
– How can you use it in life?

Which subjects do you think should be optional and which should be compulsory?

What are the advantages of studying computing in high school?
How are educational priorities today different from those in the past?
What changes do you think will happen in the classroom in the near future?


IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

I really hate taking exams. I know I keep saying this whenever I have to take an exam. But IELTS is an exam that we Filipinos need to take if we want to work, study or move abroad. I don't know why we have to take it but it basically "judges" you if your are prolific in the English Language. So unfair. Why do we have to go through this Exam.

We Filipinos practically use English language more often than we know our native language anyway. Well, I gotta stop complaining because there is no way out but to review (again). After 2 board examinations, 1 masters degree, I am still not done with examinations!!

image source:

Free IELTS online Course. 

Now I am not sure which language I should focus on right now. Spanish or English ???

Link for free practice Tests